Shamanic Clearing

Our Full Shamanic Clearing is an immersive and comprehensive energetic therapy designed to bring profound balance and renewal, targeting both the front and back sides of the chakra system, realigning the biofield and harmonizing the flow of chi through energetic meridians.

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Shamanic Clearing

Clear Your Energetic Systems and Realign

Embark on a journey of spiritual purification and renewal with our Shamanic Clearing Service. Guided by experienced practitioners, this ancient healing practice aims to cleanse negative energies and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Through traditional techniques such as smudging, drumming, and energetic clearing, our skilled shamans release stagnant energy and remove spiritual blockages, fostering a profound sense of clarity, lightness, and inner peace. Whether seeking relief from emotional burdens, spiritual disconnection, or simply wishing to realign with your true essence, our Shamanic Clearing Service offers a transformative experience of healing and spiritual rejuvenation. Step into a space of profound healing and empowerment as you embrace the journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery."

  • Clear and Balance Chakras 
  • Let Go of Past Traumas 
  • Reinvigorate Your Energetic System
60 Minute
120 Minute

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