Private Yoga Instruction

Ever wonder if you're doing asanas corectly? Private yoga classes are catered to your goals and needs. A great way to grow inside and out.

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Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga Lessons from Expert Practitioners

Experience personalized yoga instruction tailored to your goals. Our skilled instructors offer one-on-one sessions designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and inner peace. Receive customized guidance in the comfort of your space or at our serene studio. Elevate your practice with mindful movement and breathwork, leading to holistic wellness.

  • Lengthen Tight Muscles
  • Tailored to all Yogi Levels 
  • Clear the Mind and find Balance 
60 Minute
90 Minute

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$15 Coupon & Exclusive Benefits

By signing up, you gain private access to our holiday specials and receive monthly coupons that bring you closer to your health and happiness goals. But that's not all – you'll also be the first to know about upcoming events that can elevate your wellness journey.

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